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Hey, it’s Mitsué. A lot of things are changing on this site soon. The first Bobo & Popo, which is essentially a promo, is now free to read on the front page. Right now, I am on term away from graduation from the University of Oregon, and I can’t get the blogs and cartoons on this site in the volume I want them to be, for now. I will continue to make new blogs on this site, however, as I believe having a good volume of content is in the best interest of this site’s future, even if not as many people are reading them now. People will want to come here and read a bunch of stuff in the future and that’s the way I should be thinking, for the future of this site. Cartoons such as one shots or single panel will be here soon, but I can’t promise when. Volume 1 of Bobo & Popo is being worked on right now, stories include Ninja Fox fighting a syndicate and Bobo stealing government secrets. The shit these guys get into I swear… Anyway, if you are reading this, and want to give this place a shot, feel free to like us on Facebook and Twitter. If you like my blog topics, spread the word. Feel free to shoot us an email, found on the contact page, if you have any inquiries, feedback or criticism. I am open ears. Otherwise, it ain’t much now but bear with me, I’ll try to get this going. Peace.

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