Foxboy Comics

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What is Foxboy??!
Foxboy is an indie comics publisher just starting out in Portland, OR. While Foxboy has aspirations towards being a bigger publisher in the future, right now Foxboy is working on ‘Bobo & Popo’. 

What is ‘Bobo and Popo’??!!

Bobo and Popo is best described as a cross between original English language, or OEL manga, slice of life, seinen and shonen. It follows Bobo and his friends in the year 2027. They often get into trouble, from chasing down syndicate leaders to stealing government secrets. All while maintaining their signature sense of humor. Some stronger themes make this work recommended for 16+.


Bobo: The mastermind rabbit who hordes a personal collection of robot servants. He is restless and itching to get back to going on adventures.